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Some vision problems can be challenging to treat. But at A+ Vision Optometry in Ladera Ranch, California, Dr. Monique Nguyen can help you find a treatment that works. Dr. Nguyen offers comprehensive vision treatment plans that address a variety of vision problems. Treatment plans often include vision therapy. Vision therapy helps to improve the function of your eyes. It can also improve communication between the eyes and brain. If you or your child are struggling with persistent vision problems, vision therapy may be the solution for which you've been searching. Call A+ Vision Optometry today or schedule an appointment online.

Vision Therapy Q & A

What is vision therapy?

Corrective lenses can help resolve many vision problems. But sometimes, glasses and contacts aren't enough. If you’re still struggling with your eyesight, vision therapy can help correct stubborn vision problems.

Vision therapy is a special type of physical therapy. It focuses on treating developmental disabilities that affect your vision. Many common vision conditions affect the alignment of your eyes. Over time, these conditions may lead to vision loss. Vision therapy helps correct your eye alignment and preserve your vision.

Some learning disabilities can also affect your ability to read and interpret texts. While vision therapy doesn't cure learning disabilities, it can help you manage symptoms. Vision therapy can be an excellent option for children who struggle in school due to vision problems.

How does vision therapy work?

Vision therapy is performed at the  A+ Vision Optometry office. Each treatment lasts between 30-60 minutes, and sessions are typically conducted once or twice a week. Treatment length can vary. Some vision problems like convergence insufficiency can require several months of treatment.

During each session, Dr. Nguyen will lead you through a series of exercises. These exercises help improve your vision by strengthening the neurological pathways between your brain and your eyes. Dr. Nguyen may also recommend prescription eyeglasses or other therapeutic devices to give your vision an extra boost.

Do I need vision therapy?

Most people with vision problems don't need vision therapy. Prescription glasses or contact lenses are usually enough to correct vision problems. But if you or your child still struggle, Dr. Nguyen can help you explore all your treatment options.

What sort of results can I expect?

Vision therapy is highly effective for fixing problems with eye alignment. These conditions can often be improved with prescription eyeglasses. But glasses usually aren't enough to correct the underlying alignment issue. Vision therapy can alter the anatomy of the eye and teach the eye to correct itself.

Remember that vision therapy is usually only one part of a treatment plan. Vision therapy can significantly improve your vision. But it's important to stick to all parts of your treatment plan. If your child is diagnosed with a condition like strabismus or amblyopia, they may need several different forms of treatment to improve their vision.

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