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Your child's eyes deserve special care. At A+ Vision Optometry in Ladera Ranch, California, Dr. Monique Nguyen and her team offer a wide range of pediatric optometry services. Whether your child needs an eye exam, glasses, or vision therapy, Dr. Nguyen provides the care they need to succeed in school and sports. A+ Vision Optometry accepts a variety of insurance plans and offers children's eyeglasses, sports goggles, and more. Call A+ Vision Optometry today or schedule an appointment online.

Pediatric Eye Care Q & A

When should my child see an eye doctor?

Most children should receive their first eye exam by age three. If you suspect your child has vision problems, don't hesitate to bring them in sooner. Left untreated, many eye conditions can lead to permanent vision loss. Early detection can help protect your child's vision.

Doesn't my child get regular vision screenings at school?

School vision screenings are a helpful tool. But they aren't a replacement for a full eye exam with a qualified optometrist. Even if your child received a screening at school, they still need to see an eye doctor every year.

Children grow quickly, and vision problems can appear without warning. Even if your child had perfect vision in the past, vision problems can still develop. Fortunately, regular exams can help detect vision problems early. Proper treatment can help correct vision problems as soon as they appear.

How can I tell if my child has vision problems?

There is a strong link between vision and learning. Behavioral problems and academic struggles can be a symptom of vision problems. Many children struggle in school because they have trouble with their eyesight. Prescription glasses and vision therapy can often correct these problems.

If your child is having trouble at school, ask Dr. Nguyen if vision problems might play a role. Dr. Nguyen and her team can provide a comprehensive exam to check for many common childhood eye conditions, including strabismus and amblyopia.

How often should my child see an eye doctor?

All children need a comprehensive yearly eye exam. But don't hesitate to contact an optometrist if your child shows symptoms of vision problems. It's also essential to call an eye doctor immediately if your child injures their eyes.

If you notice a problem, don't wait until your child's next exam. Call Dr. Nguyen right away. A+ Vision Optometry offers same-day appointments for eye emergencies. The sooner your child receives treatment, the better their chances for a full recovery.

You can help your child prevent eye injuries by making sure they wear the appropriate protective gear. Dr. Nguyen can fit your child for sports goggles. Sports goggles can provide prescription vision correction while also preventing eye injuries.

If your child needs to see an eye doctor, let Dr. Nguyen help. Call A+ Vision Optometry today or schedule an appointment online.