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Your vision is precious. At A+ Vision Optometry, Dr. Monique Nguyen provides a wide range of services to help protect your eyesight. A+ Vision Optometry offers friendly, efficient care and accepts a variety of insurance plans. Whether you need a routine eye exam, LASIK consultation, or vision therapy, Dr. Nguyen has the expertise you need to keep your eyes healthy. Same-day appointments are available for patients experiencing an eye emergency. Call the office today or schedule an appointment online.

Optometry Q & A

What kind of optometry services do I need?

An optometrist plays a critical role in preserving your eyesight. At A+ Vision Optometry, Dr. Nguyen checks your vision each year to monitor your eye health. If you have problems, she can develop a treatment to improve your vision.

An optometrist does more than prescribe eyeglasses or contacts. Dr. Nguyen also screens you for serious health conditions like glaucoma or macular degeneration. If you have diabetes, it's especially important to see your optometrist often. Regular visits with Dr. Nguyen can help prevent diabetic eye damage.

Dr. Nguyen can also help you with a variety of other eye problems like dry eyes and allergies. If you have a vision disorder like strabismus or amblyopia, Dr. Nguyen can also provide vision therapy to address your symptoms.

Do I really need an eye exam every year?

Both children and adults should see their optometrist at least once a year. During your yearly eye exam, Dr. Nguyen tests your eyesight to determine whether you need glasses or contact lenses. If you already have glasses or contacts, she ensures your prescription is accurate.

Vision exams are especially important for children. Eyesight problems can be the root of many academic and behavioral issues. Children aren't always able to identify these difficulties on their own. An experienced optometrist like Dr. Nguyen can quickly determine if there is a problem with your child's vision.

During your yearly eye exam, Dr. Nguyen may recommend special tests like retinal photographs. These tests can help diagnose serious medical problems that affect eye health. The sooner these conditions are detected, the better your chances for recovery.

When should I call my eye doctor if I notice a problem with my vision?

You should keep up with your annual eye exams, even if your eyes feel healthy. But if you're experiencing sudden vision problems, don't wait for your yearly exam. Call A+ Vision Optometry right away if you notice unexplained changes in your vision.

It's also essential to get help right away if you injure your eyes. Prompt medical care can help prevent permanent vision loss after an injury. A+ Vision Optometry offers same-day appointments to make sure patients get care when they need it most.

Looking for a new optometrist? Need to schedule your annual exam? Call A+ Vision Optometry today or schedule an appointment online.