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Untreated eye infections can permanently damage your vision. At A+ Vision Optometry, Dr. Monique Nguyen provides the treatment you need to protect your eyesight. Located in Ladera Ranch, California, Dr. Nguyen's practice offers a wide range of optometry services for children and adults. No matter your vision needs, you can receive top-quality care from an experienced optometrist. If you suspect an eye infection, don't delay treatment. Call A+ Vision Optometry today or schedule an appointment online.

Eye Infections Q & A

What causes an eye infection?

Eye infections are classified according to what's causing them. The most common eye infection is conjunctivitis. Also known as pink eye, conjunctivitis is the inflammation in the tissue covering the surface of your eye. If you have pink eye, your eyes may appear red, swollen, or flushed. Most cases of pink eye are caused by viral or bacterial infections.

These infections are usually contagious. Eye infections can spread quickly inside a classroom, daycare facility, or office environment. It's important to treat eye infections right away to avoid spreading the disease to others.

What are the symptoms of an eye infection?

Conjunctivitis and other eye infections may cause the following symptoms:

  • Swollen eyelids
  • Red, pink, or bloodshot eyes
  • Itching or burning
  • A gritty sensation in the eyes
  • Excessive tearing
  • Sensitivity to light

If you have a bacterial infection, you may also experience discharge from the eyes. This discharge is often yellowish or green.

Pollen, smoke, dust, or chlorine from swimming pools can just be allergies, but all cause symptoms of conjunctivitis. These cases are not contagious. But medical treatment may still be needed to resolve your symptoms.

How are eye infections treated?

Viral eye infections often clear up on their own. But if you have a bacterial infection, you may need antibiotics. Dr. Nguyen can provide you with the medication you need to clear up your infection.

If your eye infection is caused by irritants like pollen, Dr. Nguyen can help you choose a treatment strategy that's right for you. She may recommend that you flush out your eyes with a special solution to get rid of any lingering irritants. Dr. Nguyen may also prescribe eye drops to help ease your discomfort.  

When should I call my doctor?

If you notice symptoms of conjunctivitis, call A+ Vision Optometry for advice and an appointment. In the meantime, it's best to avoid going to school or work if you could be contagious. If you're diagnosed with conjunctivitis, don't return to school or work until Dr. Nguyen says it's safe.

If you develop pain, redness, or itching after an eye injury, seek medical care immediately. Some injuries can cause permanent eye damage. Dr. Nguyen and her team may need to take immediate action to preserve your vision.

Need help clearing up an eye infection? Call A+ Vision Optometry today or schedule an appointment online.