Why LASIK Eye Surgery Remains the Popular Choice for Correcting Your Vision

Since the FDA approved LASIK in 1999, more than 9 million Americans have had the procedure and almost all of them have received the corrected vision they hoped for. In fact, more than 90% of people who get LASIK end up having 20/20 to 20/40 vision after the procedure.

At A+ Vision Optometry in Ladera Ranch, California, Dr. Monique Nguyen performs in-depth eye exams and LASIK surgery consultations to help you figure out if LASIK could be right for you.

What is LASIK?

LASIK stands for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, a refractive surgical procedure that can change the curvature of your cornea. It’s a relatively simple outpatient procedure that can be performed in about 10-15 minutes per eye, using only a strong anesthetic-based eye drop to numb your cornea. It doesn’t hurt, and you don’t have to be put to sleep for the procedure.

How LASIK changes vision

Since your brain receives images based on light passing through the cornea and onto the retina, changing the curvature of the cornea can change the way light creates the images in the eye. If the light focuses in front of instead of on the retina, the result is nearsightedness. If the light focuses behind the retina, the result is farsightedness. The LASIK laser carefully makes a flap in the cornea and manipulates the layers to change the curvature and refocus light entering the eye.

Possible side effects of LASIK surgery

The most common side effect of LASIK is dry eyes for a few days or even a few weeks. If you had chronically dry eyes before LASIK, this can be made worse. You might have some discomfort or itching, but should refrain from rubbing or scratching the eye.

Most people take a few days off of work, but can return to regular daily activity after that.

Serious side effects are rare. These could include light sensitivity, glare, or “halos” in the vision that cause significant impairment and can take months to subside. In very rare instances, the cornea may be damaged after surgery by patients who rub and press on their eyes. Some patients have no improved vision, or even slightly worsened vision, but this is extremely uncommon.

Dr. Nguyen can go over your medical and vision history with you and examine your eyes for health issues before consulting with you about LASIK. She can let you know if you’re a good candidate, inform you of the benefits and risks, and even refer you to a surgeon if you decide to go ahead with LASIK surgery.

If you’re ready to get the improved vision you deserve and want to discuss LASIK, call our Ladera Ranch office at 949-364-4455 or request an appointment using our convenient online booking system.

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