Update Your Look with New Frames that Fit Your Face

Update Your Look with New Frames that Fit Your Face

It’s hard to imagine John Lennon without those signature round glasses (or Harry Potter for the younger generations). Starting in the 1950s, eyeglasses transitioned from a necessary evil to a fashion statement, taken up center stage on millions of faces ever since. But new technologies also allow us to offer eyeglass frames that play a more silent role, quietly correcting your vision with barely-there frames and lenses.

At A+ Vision Optometry, Dr. Monique Nguyen and her team want our clients in Ladera Ranch, California, to accomplish their goals with their eyeglasses. From 20/20 eyesight to fashion statements, we have a wide selection of frames to suit most every need, and every face.

To help you choose the right frames for your face, here are some great rules of thumb to help you get started.

Let’s face it

Humans come in every size and shape and this holds true of the human face. From round to square, our faces have unique shapes, and the right frame can set off your features beautifully. Let’s take a look at what works for each face shape:


If you have a classically oval shape to your face, with well-balanced proportions, you want to make sure that this balance isn’t set askew by your frames. Since you’re starting with such great balance in your features, look for frames that are as wide as your face in order to bring your features together. Frames that are too small or too large will throw off the natural balance.


If your face is wider on the upper half and narrower on the lower, you can go one of two ways: Choose frames that keep with this shape — wider on the top and lower on the bottom like cat-eye frames. Or try frames that go in the opposite direction and are wider on the bottom and narrower at the top in order to downplay the heart shape.


If you want to de-emphasize a square-shaped face and soften the hard angles, go with frames that are rounder around the edges.


If you have a rounded shape to your face, frames that are more angular and narrow can bring length to your face. Frames that are heavier on top and feature stronger angles can add a little flair to a round face.

The right color

Frame shape is your first step, but color also plays a considerable role in your appearance. This choice is a very personal one — you can have fun with your glasses and choose a stand-out color like red, blue, pink (the sky’s the limit!), or you can choose frames that are more camouflaged.

If you want to complement your coloring, our frames come in all shades, allowing fair-skinned patients to choose something in lighter browns while darker-skinned patients can choose a deeper brown or black.

And if you’re really not keen on drawing any attention to your glasses, we offer “frameless” specs that are barely noticeable on your face.

Choose what’s right for you

Ultimately, you want to choose a frame that best suits your goals and lifestyle. If you’re active, you want a frame that’s durable and stays put on your face. If you’re more concerned with a unique look, this can be accomplished with the right frame, too.

We’re happy to sit down with you and spend some time trying on different styles to ensure that you reach your visual and aesthetic goals.

To get started, give us a call at (949) 364-4455, or use the online appointment request tool to request an appointment.

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