Start The New Year With LASIK

LASIK corrective surgery offers a unique opportunity to get clear vision, even if you wear contacts or glasses. This quick laser procedure reshapes your cornea to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. During the procedure, the doctor uses a special type of laser to precisely change the shape of your cornea — normalizing it to improve your vision.

The team at A+ Vision Optometry led by Dr. Monique Ngyuyen helps men and women in Ladera Ranch, California, achieve better vision and eye health. Here’s why you should consider LASIK surgery to reform your new year.

Improve your vision

Choose LASIK to achieve clearer vision, and join the 80% of people who undergo the procedure and then say good-bye to contacts and glasses for most activities. People with low-grade nearsightedness usually get the best results with LASIK, but most people with compromised vision benefit.

Even if you aren’t among the 96-98% of people who achieve 20/20 vision (or better) with LASIK, you’ll still get a notable improvement in vision. 

Experience convenience

No corrective eyewear means greater convenience. You don’t have to worry about glasses and contacts getting in the way of a swim, a night out, or a good night’s sleep. When you awake in the morning, no need to fumble for glasses or prep contact lenses. You benefit from an eyecare routine that’s quicker and hassle free. 

See right away in the new year

LASIK eye surgery doesn’t take a lot of time to provide results. You’ll notice improvements in your vision in a few hours and see quite clearly by the next day. Downtime is minimal. The team at A+ Vision Optometry gives you comprehensive aftercare instructions, but most people can resume all regular activities within 48 hours. 

Save money

Save money in the long run with LASIK. Your vision is all set, so you don’t need to invest in contacts, glasses, and prescription appointments each year in the future. No cases, cleaning supplies, or frames necessary. While insurance doesn’t typically cover LASIK, we can help you come up with creative ways to afford the surgery. Flexible spending plans are ways to make LASIK fit into your budget ,as are payment plans. 

Open up new opportunities

LASIK opens up opportunities for new jobs that may have been off limits when your vision was less than perfect. Pilots, military personnel, and athletes are often required to have 20/20 or better vision. Pursue new career goals in the new year with your boosted eyesight.

Candidates for LASIK should be older than 18 and have had stable vision for at least one year and preferably 2-3 years. You’ll also need to have worn glasses or contacts for at least three years and be free of active corneal disease. Women should not be pregnant or nursing. Ultimately, Dr. Nguyen determines the surgery’s suitability for your vision condition and goals. 

If you want more information about LASIK and how it can help you see clearly, call A+ Vision Optometry or schedule your consultation online. 

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