Safe Toy Checklist to Avoid Eye Injuries

We may enjoy giving our children toys and presents, but we need to be careful when shopping for them. It’s our job to check whether the items are appropriate for their age and safe to use. In a recent study, about 250,000 children suffer from toy-related injuries every year and nearly half of these cases are to the head and face.

Dr Nguyen from A+ Vision Optometry shares a safe toy checklist to avoid eye injuries among children.

Toy-Related Eye Injuries

Many parents do not consider eye safety when buying toys for their kids. A recent study revealed that about 41% of parents rarely or never considered eye safety when choosing toys for their children. What’s more worrisome is that 54% of them think that any of the toys of their children can cause harm to their eyes. Toy-related injuries include corneal abrasion or a scratch to the front surface of the eye, corneal ulcers, cataracts and retinal detachment, which can affect vision or even result in blindness. 

Types of Toys to Avoid

Kids under five are more prone to toy-related injuries than older children, especially without adult supervision or guidance. To prevent eye injuries, do not allow them to play with toy guns, water balloon launchers, aerosol strings and laser pointers. These kinds of toys are some of the leading causes of eye injuries among children. Consult your vision specialist for a pediatric eye exam if your child’s eyes get injured by these types of toys.

Eye-Safe Toy Shopping Tips

Avoid shopping online when buying toys for your kids. Instead, buy them at a store. That way, you can see the materials and features of the toys and decide whether they are appropriate for your child. Note that the recommended age range of children for whom the toy was designed for is a general guideline, which means you can’t solely base your decision on it. Be meticulous about the toys you’ll allow in your home to avoid toy-related injuries.

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