Procedures Involved in an Eye Exam for Pre-School Children

Why are eye exams necessary for pre-school children? A comprehensive eye exam helps assess a child’s vision health and determine eyesight problems that may hinder their learning and affect their school performance. During an eye exam, eye doctors will concentrate on different aspects, such as visual acuity, eye coordination and focusing skills.

A+ Vision Optometry discusses what you can expect in a pediatric eye exam:

Patient History

Before the actual eye exam, an eye doctor will ask about the patient’s eye health history. This includes visual and ocular history and the nature of the presenting problem. They will also delve into the patient’s family eye and medical histories. Learning about the possible vision problems a child may inherit right away will help preserve their vision.

Visual Acuity

A visual acuity test helps gauge the clarity or sharpness of vision at a distance of 20 feet. Most eye doctors use the Lea Symbols chart to determine a child’s visual acuity. This chart consists of four optotypes, including a circle, a square, an apple and a house. A child only needs to find a matching block or point to the shape that matches the target presented. Other visual acuity devices include Broken Wheel acuity cards and an HOTV test.


What are refractive errors? These are eye-related problems that occur when the shape of the eyes prevents light from focusing directly on the retina. Refractive errors may be due to the irregular shape of the eyeball, cornea and lens, which often leads to nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Your eye specialist may measure your child’s refractive error through static retinoscopy or cycloplegic retinoscopy.

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