Myths and Facts About Contact Lenses

Approximately 45 million Americans enjoy the comfort and convenience of contact lenses. But, despite their popularity and ease of use, several myths keep even more people from trying them out. At A+ Vision Optometry, located in Ladera Ranch, California, Dr. Monique Nguyen has the facts about contact lenses that you’ve been looking for.

MYTH: Contact lenses can get wedged behind your eye

Contrary to popular belief, it’s physically impossible for a contact lens to wander back behind your eye. That’s because you have a thin membrane known as the conjunctiva. Your conjunctiva covers the white part of your eye and connects to the inside of your eyelid. The contact can’t breach the membrane.

MYTH: Contact lenses are bad for your eyes

While you can develop contact lens-related problems with your eyes like infections, they’re relatively unlikely when you follow Dr. Nguyen’s instructions. These include taking steps to properly clean and care for your lenses, wearing them for the right length of time, and replacing them as directed.

MYTH: Contact lenses can pop out of your eye

Back in the day, it wasn’t completely unheard of for a contact lens to periodically pop out of your eye. But, they’ve come a long way since the hard lenses everyone wore then! New advancements in contact lens design enable them to fit closer to your eye. Even when you opt for rigid types like gas permeable contacts, it’s very rare for them to pop out of place unexpectedly.

MYTH: Contact lenses aren’t comfortable

It’s easy to assume that having something on your eye is uncomfortable, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In most cases, once you become accustomed to wearing your contact lenses, you won’t even know they’re there. And, if they don’t feel quite right, Dr. Nguyen can help determine the specific cause of your discomfort and offer solutions.

MYTH: Contact lenses are expensive

A common myth surrounding contact lenses is that they’re more expensive than glasses because you usually replace them more often. But, they can be surprisingly affordable, especially if you have vision insurance or other eye care insurance plans. In some cases, contact lenses can even be cheaper and easier to replace than lost or damaged glasses.

MYTH: Contact lenses aren’t for everyone

Once upon a time, depending on your eyes and vision needs, contact lenses could be out of your grasp. Fortunately, new contact lens technology has provided solutions so nearly everyone can wear them, even if you need bifocals or have astigmatism. Contact lenses are also safe for people of all ages, including preteens and teens.

For more information on the myths and facts about contact lenses, call us at A+ Vision Optometry, 949-364-4455, or request an appointment online today.

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