Myopia in Children

Myopia, more commonly referred to as nearsightedness, is a refractive error that often begins while you’re young. This is why it’s also known as childhood myopia. While you have no problems seeing objects up-close, you may struggle recognizing figures that are far from you.

what your eye doctors at A+ Vision Optometry have to say about this vision problem:

What Causes Childhood Myopia?

The root of myopia remains unknown. Studies show, however, that there are various elements contributing to its development. Having congenital structural irregularities, particularly an unusually long eyeball, is one example. This causes light rays that enter your eyes to fall in front of your retina, instead of directly on it.

Your family history is another major risk factor. Having a parent, brother, or any other relative who is nearsighted makes you more likely to be too. Some researchers also found that doing close work frequently and staying indoors for a long time may cause eye fatigue, resulting in myopic eyes. Those of Asian descent are more likely to use corrective eyewear because of this vision problem, as well. Having any of these risk factors is a sign to schedule your children for a pediatric eye exam as soon as possible.

How Is Childhood Myopia Managed?

Currently, there’s no definite cure for childhood myopia. There are steps you can take, however, to control its progression and preserve your child’s eyesight.

Make it a habit to visit your children’s optometrist regularly. Routine eye exams allow us to monitor a client’s eyes, making early detection possible for structural problems that may lead to myopia. This way, we can immediately create a treatment plan to maintain your kid’s visual acuity.

During the pediatric eye exam, we’ll have your children try different lenses of varying powers. We’ll ask them to tell us which one provides them the sharpest vision. We suggest helping your kids pick their eyeglass frames. Choosing one that comes in their favorite color may encourage them to wear it all the time. This ensures poor vision won’t hold them back from learning and exploring their surroundings.

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