Follow These Steps to Properly Care for Your Prescription Eyewear

Your prescription eyewear is priceless even though the price tag might suggest otherwise. The ability to see clearly is invaluable, so make sure you do all you can to keep your glasses free from harm.

At A+ Vision Optometry in Ladera Ranch, California, we specialize in caring for every aspect of your vision from comprehensive vision exams to choosing the right corrective glasses to vision therapy to Lasik eye surgery. If glasses are right for you, our optometrist, Monique Nguyen, OD, wants to make sure they last a long time and continue to function well. Here are a few tips she’s compiled to help you keep your glasses in tiptop condition.

Use your eyeglass case

One of the most obvious ways to keep your glasses protected from scratches is to keep them in the case they came in when they’re not on your face. Unfortunately, many of our patients skip this step and just toss them in a purse, backpack, or briefcase. Contact with other hard surfaces is almost guaranteed to scratch your lenses. 

Your glasses likely came with a protective case. If it is made of fabric or other soft material, replace it with a hard case for best results. And then make sure to use it.

Don’t use paper towels or tissues

You may think that reaching for a paper towel or tissue to rub your lenses clean is a safe and sanitary option, but remember what those paper products are made of — wood. Wood is the enemy of glass and plastic, and the tiny particles are too rough for your expensive prescription eyewear. 

Instead, choose a soft microfiber cloth to gently clean your lenses.

Wet is better than dry

The best way to clean your lenses is the old fashioned way — with water. If you choose to use a special cleaner formulated specifically for eyeglasses, that’s fine. Just make sure it’s from a trusted source and does not contain any chemicals that might damage your lenses, such as bleach, window cleaner, vinegar, or ammonia. These products might be OK for your living room windows, but they can harm the delicate surface of your glasses. 

Whether you use water or a cleaner, wet is better than dry when it comes to rubbing the surface of your lenses. Dry rubbing runs the risk of loose debris causing scratches. 

Eyeglasses belong on your face, not your head

We’ve all had that moment when we’re searching for our glasses only to find them on top of our head. Aside from being a little embarrassing, this habit can actually ruin your glasses.

The width of the top of your head is more than the width of your temples, so shoving them over your skull eventually loosens your frames. This matters because ill-fitting glasses tend to slip down your nose and and farther away from your eyes. Your glasses are specifically designed to correct your vision in a certain position, so it’s important to keep them snug and in place.

If your eyeglasses become badly scratched, stretched, or otherwise damaged, you may need to replace them to ensure you are seeing things clearly. Call us today to set up an appointment with Dr. Nguyen or book a consultation online. She is ready to answer all your eye care questions.

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