Addressing Eyesight Errors With Vision Therapy

A+ Vision Optometry recommends vision therapy, a non-surgical treatment that aims to improve your visual skills through individualized programs. It intends to correct visual-motor and/or perceptual-cognitive deficiencies, which cannot be done with usual eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Here are some of the vision problems it can manage:

Eye Movement Disorders

We may recommend vision therapy when you experience eye movement problems, like strabismus. Also known as “crossed eyes,” this happens when the two eyes do not line up in the same direction. Another problem you may have heard of is nystagmus or “dancing eyes.” It occurs when there are fast, uncontrollable eye movements. Through vision therapy, we can help improve your visual comfort, ease and efficiency.

Binocular Vision Problems

There are two major categories of vision therapy: orthoptic and behavioral. In the first classification, we will evaluate and measure how your eyes deviate. Afterward, we can come up with a series of eye exercises as part of your vision therapy for several months. Our programs typically involve eye exercises and training lenses. We may also use prisms, filters and patches.

This method is helpful for those who have binocular function irregularities. These happen when the two eyes are incapable of working together as a coordinated team. For instance, amblyopia or “lazy eye” syndrome happens when the brain ignores image perceptions from the visually impaired eye.

Other Vision Impairments

Developmental incapacities or brain injuries may lead to visual attention and concentration problems. As a rehabilitative management, your eye doctors may suggest the behavioral kind of vision therapy. This involves eye exercises, which can help overcome your difficulties processing visual information and inability to sustain or shift focus.

After we perform a comprehensive eye exam, we can determine if this is an appropriate management for your child. Depending on the extent of the vision problem, the course of therapy may last weeks to several years. For more information about vision therapy, call us at (949) 377-1312 or request an appointment online. We serve Rancho Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita and the surrounding CA communities.

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