6 Vision Skills Necessary for School-Aged Children

Good vision is necessary for your child’s learning. Some of the visual tasks that students perform daily include writing, reading and using computers. Children with poor vision health, however, will have a hard time coping with these school activities, which can affect their education.

Dr Nguyen from A%20 Vision Optometry discuss five vision skills that your school-aged child needs.

1. Visual Acuity

This is the most common clinical measurement for visual function, which determines the clearness of vision. Visual acuity also relies on the retinal focus within the eye, the sensitivity of the nervous elements and the interpretative faculty of the brain.

2. Eye Focusing

Your eye’s natural lens has a focusing system, which allows you to see clearly at all distances. Accommodative dysfunction, however, occurs when your eyes don’t focus quickly or effeciently. This can result in blurred vision, visual discomfort and reduced accuracy.

3. Eye Tracking

A child with poor eye tracking skills may find it difficult to keep their eyes on target when looking from one point to another. Affected schoolchildren may also move their head excessively and skip lines when reading. Visit your local eye doctor for a pediatric eye exam to find out whether your child has learning-related vision problems.

4. Eye Teaming

Poor eye teaming skills might result in headaches, eyestrain, or written materials swimming around. They might also affect depth perception.

5. Eye-Hand Coordination

This refers to the ability to do tasks that require the simultaneous use of our eyes and hands. We use eye-hand coordination whenever we write. Note, however, that it’s possible for a child to have perfect vision despite having eye-hand coordination problems.

6. Visual Perception

Visual perception, unlike what most people think, is different from visual acuity. This refers to the ability to organize, understand and remember what is read. Schoolchildren with a visual perception problem may find it difficult to differentiate letters b, d, p and q and reverse numbers or letters when writing.

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