4 Tips to Optimize Your Kids’ Visual Health

As parents, caretakers, or guardians, part of your responsibility is to look after your children’s overall health and well-being. Apart from providing care, guidance and shelter, it’s also necessary to pay special attention to their visual health. Your pediatric eye exam center, A+ Vision Optometry, offers these four tips to help ensure the optimal eye health of your kids.

1. Practices During Pregnancy

You can start caring for your baby’s eye health as early as during pregnancy by eating nutritious foods, particularly those that are rich in vitamin A such as leafy vegetables, as well as certain fruits. Scientists have also found that soaking up the sunlight during pregnancy is highly beneficial for eye development, as photons of light can still penetrate your skin and make their way to the uterus.

2. Regular Eye Check Ups

A consensus among eye doctors show that you can bring your child to their first eye exam as early as six months after birth to detect for any eye abnormalities such as strabismus and amblyopia, also known as “lazy eye.”

3. Encourage Visual Activities

As your child grows, so does their vision development. During their formative years, it’s advisable to put your kids’ toys within 8 to 12 inches of their field of vision as this encourages visual stimulation. Other toys such as puzzles, color blocks and coloring materials not only foster creativity, but also promote hand-eye coordination.

4. Practice Eye Safety

It’s true that good habits are formed at home. Provide a safe and visually stimulating environment by installing proper lighting and regulating the screen time or gadget usage of your kids. Take advantage of anti-glare screens and special eyeglasses capable of blocking blue light. Make sure that there are no sharp objects that can potentially injure your children and keep cleaning chemicals away from their reach.

At A+ Vision Optometry, we believe that visual health is a concern for all, no matter the age. Schedule your children’s pediatric eye exam appointments with us. We also offer our optical services to adults. You may contact us at (949) 377-1312. We serve patients in Ladera Ranch and Rancho Mission Viejo, CA.

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