4 Tips on Buying Eyewear for Your Kids

Refractive errors, like far and nearsightedness, are common among children. Since most kids are visual learners, it’s important to address these vision problems immediately. We may prescribe corrective eyewear during their pediatric eye exam to help improve their eyesight.

With so many options, you and your children may have a difficult time choosing a pair of glasses or lenses. A+ Vision Optometry shares four tips to guide you when buying children’s eyewear.

1. Think About the Lens Prescription

The lens prescription is the first thing you should consider when looking for eyewear for your children. Strong prescriptions are likely to be thicker than others. What you can do is choose lightweight, smaller frames to reduce your child’s discomfort. Your optometrist may also recommend using lenses that are made of polycarbonate, as this material is highly resistant to impact. This way, your children can play as often as they want without having to worry about eye trauma.

2. Consider the Frame Material

Your eye doctors suggest picking glasses made of plastic. They are more durable and less likely to bend or break. Most of the time, they are also lighter in weight and less expensive. You can also ask your eye care specialist for hypoallergenic materials, especially if your children are sensitive to certain substances.

3. Look for Pairs That Are Both Functional and Stylish

While the primary use of eyewear is to correct your child’s vision, this does not mean they cannot look stylish in the process. Once you’ve narrowed the options, let your kids pick out a pair they like most. This way, they’ll get excited about wearing their glasses all the time.

4. Ensure The Eyewear Fits Comfortably

Choosing eyeglasses for children can be challenging, as their noses are not yet fully developed. Gaps between the frame and the bridge of the nose will cause the glasses to slide down. This can be inconvenient for your kids as they will constantly have to push their eyewear up to see clearly. Rest assured we’ll take the necessary measurements to check if the eyeglasses fit right during the pediatric eye exam. We may also recommend pairs that have adjustable nose pads, so they remain fixed when placed on the nose bridge.

For more tips on buying children’s eyewear, call us at (949) 377-1312 or book online today. We serve families in Ladera Ranch, Rancho Mission Viejo, and nearby CA communities.

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