4 Red Flags of Vision Problems in Kids


Your child’s vision plays an important role in their learning, which is why A+ Vision Optometry emphasizes the need to take care of their eyes. Since their eyes are still developing, they may not easily realize when they are having eyesight difficulties.

When you notice any of these four subtle signs of vision problems in children, schedule them for a pediatric eye exam immediately.

1. Your Children Are Easily Irritated

Vision problems may require your child’s eyes to work twice as hard, resulting in their fatigue. The undue stress and pressure on their eye muscles may cause eye strain or headaches. When this happens, they may have an irritable mood and short attention span.

2. Your Kids Frequently Lose Their Place When Reading

It is normal for children to use their fingers as their guide while reading a book. Their accommodation and focusing abilities, however, should develop over time. Most schools require preschool and school-aged kids to undergo a vision screening or a pediatric eye exam regularly to assess their tracking skills and other eye movements. The sooner we identify and manage vision errors, the better we can preserve their eyesight.

3. Your Children Avoid Certain Activities

Try to observe if your children dislike any activities. If they stay away from reading, for example, this may indicate they’re having a hard time seeing things up-close, which is a sign of farsightedness. There are also cases when kids avoid playing catch, tag, or other far-range games, which may be a symptom of nearsightedness. We may prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses for better viewing ease at varying distances.

4. Your Kids Have a Habit of Tilting Their Heads

Tilting or turning heads to the side is often used as a compensatory mechanism when kids have pre-existing vision irregularities, like astigmatism. This refractive error occurs when your child’s lens or cornea have a different surface or shape, causing blurry eyesight when viewing distant or nearby objects. Your pediatric eye doctors may prescribe toric lenses to help improve your visual acuity.

If your child is experiencing any of these signs or you have other vision concerns, call us at (949) 377-1312. You may also complete our form to request an appointment. We serve Ladera Ranch, Rancho Mission Viejo and nearby CA areas.

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